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Meet The Team

All of the instructors are either from Brazil or Cuba or have a strong cultural background in that area. Each instructor is specialized in different dance styles so all the participants have a wide variety of classes. Immerse yourself into the world of dance and get the best out of it for yourself. 

Alexander Martinez
Alexander Martinez_Circle.png

Alexander was born in Cuba and living now in Zürich, Switzerland. He has more than 20 years of experience as a dance teacher. His dance, choreographer and teacher talents cover a wide spectrum of dance styles like Salsa, Reggaeton, Cuban Folklore Dances, Hip Hop, etc. As a certified Fitness Instructor he understands how to use his passion for sports and dancing, which makes him also successful in teaching Zumba. With his charisma and contagious energy, Alexander is a pure inspiration at every dance event.

Mirjam Klaentschi

Mirjam completed advanced dance training in Salsa Cubana, Afro-Cuban Dances, Rumba, Contemporary and Ballet in Bern, New York and Cuba. Since 2009 she has been working as a dance teacher for the renowned dance school Salsadancers in Switzerland. Mirjam has also been seen at various salsa events and festivals with her duo show. She teaches courses in Salsa Cubana, Salsa On2, Ladystyling and Salsa for Teenagers, she also choreographs and directs the SonAlmas Ladies show project. Her teaching is inspiring, fun but in the same time also very technical.

Helio Faria

The native born Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro grew up with dancing and his great talent and true passion for it made him in 2001 a dance instructor on a professional level. In Brasil he had performances in TV spots and “Dancing with the stars”, was a choreographer for local stars and as well a dancer and DJ for big company events.

With his own produced remixes, creative choreos and his energetic dance style, he gets attention all over the world in the Zumba scene. Hélio already taught in countries like Russia, USA, Germany, Malaysia, Israel, Egypt, Rumenia, etc. Today he is living in Istanbul and travels every weekend to teach at events.

The big passion for teaching, his incredible technique and musicality, he understands how to impart a choreo easily. Hélio excites and inspires people all over the world in his classes and videos with his dancing skills and as well with his cheerful, warm and funny manners.

Today Hélio Faria living in Istanbul, Turkey and is specialized in Dance & Fitness classes like Zumba and his own created workout programs like (choreo class) and sambastepz (dance & fitness to Brazilian music remixes). Upon request he als teaches Brazilian partner dances like Samba de Gafieira, Zouk and Forró.

Marina Haueter

Marina completes the team in the background with her skills in event organization and photography. She is based in Zürich, Switzerland and specialized in event- and sports photography.

Me, myself and my Canon 7d we love to go on adventures and capture the beauty that is around us. The good vibes, the spontaneous nature of events, the pure emotions is what keeps me going.
It always comes down to the people in my photographs and documenting events and telling stories that come naturally to me

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