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helio faria

The native born Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro originally received a Bachelor of Sports Science degree in Physical education.
Hélio Faria grew up with dancing and his great talent and true passion for it made him in 2001 a dance instructor on a professional level.  In Brasil he had performances in TV spots and “Dancing with the stars”, was a choreographer for local stars and as well a dancer and DJ for big company events.

With his own produced remixes, creative choreographies and his energetic dance style, he gets attention all over the world in the dance & fitness scene. Hélio already taught in more than 30 countries . Today he is living in Switzerland and travels on the weekends to teach at events.

The big passion for teaching, his incredible technique and musicality, he understands how to impart a choreography easily. Hélio excites and inspires people all over the world in his classes and videos with his dancing skills and as well with his cheerful, warm and funny manners.

After the pandemic, he also created an online community with members from all over the world, and gives online / live classes almost everyday of his dance programs like the DanceFunFitness (dance workout) , Dancestepz (choreography class) and Sambastepz (dance & fitness to Brazilian music remixes). 

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